My name is Amelia. I’m a 24 year old Drama & Performance and English Literary Studies graduate from Yorkshire.

I saved for a year after university, then me and my boyfriend Adam travelled France for 3 months, Italy for 2 and Greece for 1.

After that, we returned to Yorkshire where we both started great new jobs and we saved up again for another year…

In September 2017 we were lucky enough to drive around Iceland in a camper van for 10 days and we bloody loved it.

Over the next six months we had the dilemma of deciding to move out of my parents house and rent/buy our own or… quit our very adult jobs and move to another country. And that’s exactly what we did. We are now living in Iceland and enjoying every minute!

I hope to write blogs about travel, life and everything in between.

flâneur- flaˈnəː,French flanœʀ/ Noun, a man who saunters around observing society. Flâneuses, embody a female, feminist alternative to the highly privileged male identify of “flâneur.”

All the photographs used are my own. Shoutout to Vik Stronge for my cute cartoon.


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