Finally we can put 2016 behind us, personally I couldn’t wait for it to end. However, I don’t feel like the new year is a ‘new start’. For me that was going travelling. So instead of my usual resolution, which let’s be honest, I’ve literally never stuck to a diet in my life, I’ve decided to come up with a list of goals that I’d like to achieve from my time spent travelling because they are, hopefully, more realistic. Some of them I have already done and I’m very excited to continue doing them! 

So here it is, from travelling I would like to: 

  • Learn more recipes- (I’ve just learnt how to make prawn risotto)
  • Learn at least basic phrases from every country we visit- (my French, although still basic, has definitely improved) 
  • Make an international friend- (hopefully from WWOOFing I can meet new people)
  • Try new food- (baked oysters have been my favourite so far) 
  • Learn a new skill- (today I built my first ever dry stone wall) 
  • Don’t miss out on new experiences- (chestnut peeling was definitely something new)
  • Keep up to date with this blog- (trying my best!) 

Wish me luck! 


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